Why Should I Add Alt Text to My Images?

As you start to learn about building and optimizing your website, you have probably seen the term “alt text” floating around. Alt text, or alternative text or alt tags, are captions used to identify and describe images on your website and can be used to boost your appearance in image search. Your alt text should be concise and describe what the image is showing.
Alt text is used for three main scenarios: search engine optimization, loading failure and for the visually impaired. As your site is crawled engine bots, the text on your site is read. However, these bots have difficulty processing the images that populate your website. Alt text will help search engines read these images, and populate them in search results for those keywords. Including your main keywords in the alt text will help improve your image search ranking, but only if they are relevant to the image. Inserting additional, irrelevant keywords into your alt text can be considered keyword stuff and harm your overall SEO efforts. If your image fails to render and load on your page, the alt text will appear in the image’s place. This will indicate to your users that there is an image that is intended to fill that space, even though they cannot see it at that moment. If a visitor to your website is visually impaired, they may utilize a screen reader to browse through your website. The screen reader will interpret your website content, and alt text will describe the images across the site in content.
Adding alt text is simple in a CRM: when uploading or selecting an image, there will be a line marked for an alternative tag. Keeping with best SEO practices is important to maintain and improve your search ranking, and keep your alt text simple. If a person encounters a load error, they should be able to tell what they are missing from the alt text.

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