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Why SEO and Content Marketing Be Used Together as One Strategy

Many people treat SEO and content marketing as two separate entities. While this is true, it does not mean that they can’t be used together to rank higher and create a strong online presence. While SEO ranks for the analytical aspects of your site like alt text meta descriptions and collecting numerical data. Content Marketing focuses on creating fresh and unique content that will not only attract new users but retain the audience it already has and be consistent with producing content.

How do you use them together to optimize for both?

You can do so by first ensuring that you have all of the essential SEO practices in place. The reason for doing so is to have the basis in which your content marketing will flourish. There is a thin line between producing fresh content that will be indexed and content that abides by SEO goals to rank higher vs creating content that may be great but will receive a penalty that will inevitably hurt your business site in the end.

Fresh Content 

First order of business once the foundation for SEO has been placed is producing new content. It is important to produce content that is matchless and will stand out to engage the user. This kind of content is fresh and relevant to the topic your audience is interested in.

 Keyword Research 

The second plan of action would be researching for keywords. To be able to optimize your site accordingly and make the content you are producing count it needs to be able to correspond to the keywords your audience is searching for. Your content should be in tune with the search queries and questions visitors are searching for. This includes what kind of language they use as well what keywords are the most popular.

 Link Building & Internal Linking 

Another successful element of how SEO and Content marketing can be used together is by using a  link building strategy as well as internal linking. Although they do the same thing  (bring people to your site) you want to optimize for both. Make sure you are producing content that will be shared and will bring attention to your site, to make the user want to read more. This is the purpose link building serves once you have their attention; add internal linking to direct them to other pages on your site. By adding internal linking you can reference pages that have a correlation between the page they are already on.  The benefits of link building and adding internal links means better rankings for your business, Google can crawl the site in a more efficient way and makes way for better SEO.

Most importantly the strategy to be used to attract your audience is your titles and headlines, this what you use to engage and entice your user to want to read your content. This description is written for the users searching for your business. When writing your titles and descriptions take into consideration, keywords and the search queries you researched for.

The goal of having SEO and content marketing used together is to complement each other in a way in which will make your business successful. SEO and Content Marketing rely on one another to rank higher, deliver traffic, and a strong online presence.


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