Why Reworking Old Content is Great for Your Website

Writing high-quality content takes time and after spending a few hours on ensuring the layout is user-friendly and is properly optimized, you might never touch it again. But over time, the look and feel of your website as well as the content on the page itself will change. Creating new content for your website might help with your SEO and bring new users to your website, but you can actually achieve higher results by reworking old content instead of continuously writing new content.

Old Content is Great for SEO

If you’re trying to figure out what pieces of content you should rewrite, head over to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts to see what your most visited pages are. From here, write down what your most viewed pieces of old content are and which are being found in organic search results. Are there opportunities to update the content? Are there opportunities to internally link to content that has been recently added to your website?

Since these old pieces of content have already been crawled, indexed, and began to come up in organic results for users, improving them will only strengthen the trusted content which will help boost overall rankings.

How to Update Old Content

Once you figure out what content you are going to rewrite, it’s time to figure out how you will rewrite it. Go through the content and ask yourself if the content is still accurate. There are always changes in information no matter what industry you are part of and making sure the content you are sharing is relevant and accurate is so important.

Other ways to update old content:

  • Add in new testimonials and project photos
  • Lengthen content to add new, fresh information
  • Optimize the header tag structure and internal linking
  • Increase calls to action
  • Optimize for new keywords

Reworking Content Saves YOU Time

Let’s face it: Creating new, fresh content for your website on a regular basis takes time. By reworking old content, you not only save yourself time on writing the content but this also saves you from the frustration of competing with yourself in searches when you have other similar content on your website. An example of this would be holiday sales pages. If you created a page outlining holiday sales you would be offering in 2017 and want to write a new one for 2018, instead of creating a second piece of content, go in and update the piece from 2017!

Increase Your Conversions

Three years ago, you might not have known to include several calls to action throughout your content but now you know better. By going back and adding in new calls to action to your old content, you are increasing the likelihood of hitting new conversion goals. Update old calls to action and add in new ones to help the user convert!

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