Why Page Speed Optimization is Crucial for Mobile

Mobile devices have taken over the landscaping of search results. With over 70% of all searches coming on mobile devices, it’s no secret that mobile optimization has been a popular tool that companies have begun to utilize. Did you know that Google takes into account your mobile page speed more than your desktop page speed? You could be doing everything right in terms of your SEO plan and still be losing traffic if your mobile page speed isn’t up to par with your competitors. Let’s find out why and what you can do to fix it.

What’s in the algorithms?

About a year ago Google came out with a new algorithm that included a speed update. All searches will take page speed into account so the faster your site is, the better chance you have at ranking better. Page speed is a huge indication of how well your site is optimized because it takes into account a variety of different features like image size, hosting, plugins, etc. In a mobile-first index world, this means that your mobile site must also have high page speed or you could be penalized.

What Can You Do to Improve Your Page Speed?


Pagespeed Insights

There are dozens of different tools available to test your website’s page speed but for simplicity, we are going to talk about one specific tool. Google’s PageSpeed Insights is a great tool that breaks down what your website’s desktop and mobile page speeds are and what might be slowing them down.

If you want to get serious about page speed I recommend checking out your competitor’s page speed. See how at least five of your competitor’s page speeds are and keep track of theirs versus your own. You also should see how your page speed is at night versus during the day. You may get different results based on how many people are on your server.

Log SEO Metrics

Page speed is a compilation of a lot of different SEO tools and optimization tricks. You should try and keep track of some of the top ones like domain authority, page word count, and the number of links that point to a page to see how well your site is optimized.

Backend Website Optimization

There are plenty of optimization tips that you can use to make your website faster. One of the most important is to get rid of image sliders. Switch out the slider for a single picture. The penalty you may get for having slow images that take a ton of time to load versus a single image that may not look as aesthetically pleasing but will load faster is not worth the penalty.

A couple of other tips are to use next-gen image formats and remove unused tracking codes from the backend code. A lot of the time we see bulky images that aren’t of the quality that Google likes to see and tracking codes from pervious digital marketers that haven’t been removed.

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