Why Optimizing Images in Google My Business is Important

Pictures are worth a thousand words. When coming across a Google My Business page while searching for a company, images are one of the first components of the page you’ll see. Some tend to have irrelevant pictures or bad quality images, but some have professionally taken photos that can draw in customers. Optimizing images for your Google My Business can help you bring in clientele, as well as increasing your ranking visibility.

Uploading Photos Yourself vs. Clients

It is suggested as best to upload images as the business. User-uploaded photos do tend to show up before ones put up by the company itself, but company-uploaded images are a better signal to Google and potential customers. GMB is a direct interface to Google’s entity database, so when you upload these photos as the company, it tells Google these photos are directly correlated with your business. The worst part about customer photos is that you can’t delete them – only the customer can. To battle with this, opt for high-resolution, professionally-shot images on your end.

Multiple Locations

As long as you aren’t using stock photos, uploading the same pictures to both GMB locations is fine. It is better to have a variety of images, but Google will not penalize you for using the same ones for both business locations. Having multiple locations are all part of the greater entity of your business, so it makes sense to have the same images.

Logo, Cover Photo, and Category-Specific Photos

When uploading photos for GMB, always make sure your logo and cover photo are the first ones up. Your Google My Business listing is seen with more legitimacy if you have the proper logo. For a cover photo, this can be a slogan, motto, or anything of that nature. It is also recommended to upload as many category-specific images that you can. Exterior photos are great for when customers need an idea of what your place of business looks like. This can help them find it when they are coming in. Interior photos are helpful to showcase the atmosphere of your business. Team photos give customers a look into how your employees look and treat customers. It’s essential to take pictures of them interacting in the workplace. All of these options help customers feel better about buying your products or using your services.

Removing Photos of Products That Aren’t Available

When your business stops selling certain products or offering certain services, you should be removing them off of your GMB listing. Google My Business is often the first-impression view of your company. It looks unprofessional to have pictures of items that aren’t even available to customers.

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