Why Long-Tail Keywords Are So Important

Most searches on Google are centered around short-tail keywords which are three words or less. These simple searches comprise the vast majority of all searches meaning that it is very important for search engine optimizers to ensure they keep these keywords in mind for their strategy. However, the competition for these keywords is also very high, meaning that if you want to be found for a particular service, area, or inquiry, it is often just as important to target long-tail keywords. If you’re interested in learning more about the importance of targeting long-tail keywords, keep reading below for more information!

How To Find Long-Tail Keywords

While the short-tail keywords you want to optimize for are often easy to identify, finding long-tail keywords can be a bit more difficult, and there are a variety of avenues for identifying these keywords. The first thing you can do is simply brainstorm. If you offer a particular product or service, potential customers may have questions that you can optimize for by using an FAQ page. Perhaps your business is area-based and your long-tail keywords consist of your service in a particular service area.

If you need helping brainstorming ideas for long-tail keywords, there are a number of tools that you can use specifically designed to generate long-tail keywords. Furthermore, you can visit a number of other sites to help provide inspiration. Researching forums about your service will help, as well as looking at the auto-fill on Google. Try to get creative and search for inspiration from people who are researching your products.

Designing A Long-Tail Keyword Strategy

Trying to optimize for long-tail keywords can be achieved in a variety of ways. You can opt to create a new page for every long-tail keywords you come up with, but this would be a very time-consuming process. You could create a detailed FAQ page to try to answer a number of questions at once. Put together a list of H2 tags mentioning the various long-tail keywords you want to be found for, and work on building a bit of content for each question. It is easy to rank for a number of different long-tail keywords with a single FAQ page.

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While it can be tempting to only focus on ranking for short-tail keywords because of the higher search volume, it is important to remember that nearly every consumer searching for long-tail keywords is far closer to a purchase than someone making a short-tail inquiry. They have a specific goal in mind, and if you can be the company that provides them with the information they’re looking for, you have a high chance of converting!

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