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Why Long-Form Content is Still Important

Long-form content continues to be just as important as the “flashier” content you may want to focus on. Not only does it help drive traffic, but it also builds authority on search engines, generates links and brand awareness, and adds value to your website as a whole. 

The experts at Boston Web Marketing are here to help add value to the content your website produces. Learn more about the importance of long-form content today.

Why It Works

It’s easy for Google to understand

Information that is more complex, such as infographics or other visualizations, can be more difficult for Google to crawl and understand. While it can recognize the content, it is more complex to read it as a human would. 

This can impact the overall value of your website, and the content itself may not rank well. From an organic marketing perspective, long-form content adds more value and is much easier to understand.

You can target many keywords

With the ability to target many keywords, you can generate traffic for a long time. With long-form content, you’re able to target keywords among an entire subject, utilizing headings and sections. 

As Google continues to push through updates, a specific section may be featured on a search that can help generate traffic.  

It can generate backlinks

If you are consistently updating long-form content, so it constantly reflects new information, this content can become evergreen. It can also generate backlinks. This occurs when other marketers are searching for information for their own sites. 

Including data points or statistics can also help with this. In fact, this piece of content from HubSpot had generated over 10,000 backlinks. 

Backlinks can help with your organic rankings, help you to reach a wider audience, and help build your authority. 

How to Execute 

The first step to executing successful long-form content is by deciding what you want to write about. Agree on core subjects and determine what your site has the credibility to discuss. Think about the topics that will resonate with your audience and what you want to be known for. 

Once you have this down, plan the structure of your piece. Additional ideas and points will grow from here. Think about the perspective of your audience and how they would like to receive this information. 

From there, you should look at what is already ranking on the first page of Google. Determine if a long-form content piece would fit with what is already ranking for your keywords. 

Create Long-form Content with Boston Web Marketing

Long-form content is one of many aspects of SEO that your business should utilize. The experts at Boston Web Marketing are here to help you achieve your marketing goals and create content that will rank well. Let us help you create a marketing plan and reach your goals today. 

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