Why Live Streaming Should Be Part of Your Social Media Strategy

Social media has opened many new doors for marketing over the past decade. With more users turning to social media for information than ever before, there is a constant need for up-to-date information. Social media is constantly changing and improving the way people take in this information, including one of the most recent changes to social media, live streaming.

Live streaming videos have been around for many years now but until recently live streaming failed to make an impact when it came to social media. But, much of that changed in 2015 when iPhone app Meerkat was launched in February and Twitter soon followed with their own release of Periscope in March. And in August Facebook released its own live streaming functionality which allowed for celebrities to stream their own live feed on Facebook.

Live streaming is still on the rise as many of these applications have come out in the past few months. But even after just a few month Meerkat and Periscope each had individual live streams shared over 1.5 million times on Twitter. Facebook is also seen a rising in live streaming users base with celebrities including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Serena Williams, Madonna Ashton Kutcher, Jimmy Fallon more all taking advantage of the new live streaming functionality. Proving that live streaming looks to be a big social media trend for 2016.

This new technology could change the way we view social media. Although it is early we are currently on the forefront of what may be the next promising technology and there are many ways to integrate live streaming into your social media marketing campaign.

  • Stream Live Events: Allow your audience to grow significantly by including members who cannot make it in person to be a part of important events for your brand.
  • Showcase Product/Service: Help show your audience first hand your products or services by live streaming them in action.
  • Host a Q&A Session: Q&A sessions are not only helpful to answer any potential questions your consumers may have but also as a way for your audience to directly communicate and interact with your brand.
  • Go behind the Scene: Use live streaming to take your audience somewhere they may not normally be able to go and get a more transparent view of your brand.

Although many of these can also be accomplished with recorded videos, adding a “live” aspect not only allows for your audience to feel directly a part of the experience it also allows for a more authentic look into your brand. By using live streaming, you increase the credibility of your brand especially in an age where users may not believe advertisement as much as they once did.

It is important to keep in mind there is some risk that comes along with live streaming. Remember it is live so your audience will be seeing everything in real time and you want to make sure everything goes correctly. Live streaming is still developing and improving but is sure to make an impact on social media marketing strategies in the very near future.

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