Why Links Are Important

Links, alongside content, have always been the top two factors when we consider Ranking factors. It is universally understood why content is extremely important, and that is because it essentially ties together everything you want the site to be about. Through content, you create your site so that it is understandable to users. This works on the users end, and helps to guide them through a page, if not, a site. When we look at it from the other side, why are links important? If we are supposed to be making content for users, then why do we need to do something that doesn’t immediately fill that need? Let’s take a look at some of the things that links do.

Builds Site Architecture

By utilizing internal links, we are able to create an entire architecture of pages on the back end of the site. This ties into our next point but it also works in the sense that it guides crawlers on the site, instead of just guiding users. Internal links can be used as click to calls, or as links to the contact page, and in a sense, build up the importance of that link location.

Guides Crawlers

While crawlers are very smart, they also have the ability to follow pathways. While the user gets their information from content, crawlers also do, but take into consideration internal, as well as external linking.

Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is relatively difficult to get, because once you get it, those customers are interested in converting in a different way than someone who just found you online organically. Another thing to note is that backlinks from outside of your own website, leading to your site, can be extremely valuable. If you have a site, with high domain authority, linking to your site, you will have a lot to work with in the future.
Websites are not all just based off of content, and linking needs to be taken into consideration, as it is also a highly important ranking factor.

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