Why It’s Important to Make Your Content Accessible to the Visually Impaired

About 1.3 billion people in this world have some variety of vision impairment. In the past, people with vision impairments did not have the liberty to use most online sites because they were not catered to them in any way. However, over the past couple of years technology has continued to advance and people with vision impairment can hop on almost any site and read. If your site isn’t catering to those with vision impairments, use these tips below to help make your site better!

Make Sure to Optimize Alt Text

Using alt text as we know is a great way to boost your SEO score by incorporating little descriptions of images that take virtually seconds to make. Since alt text is so easy to make sometimes, we make the titles too brief or not descriptive enough. An excellent way to help the visually impaired is to create a full descriptive text about the image so they can understand what is going on in the picture. If you do this for every image on your site, this will boost your SEO as well as increase your traffic.

Optimize URLs

URLs can sometimes be long and full of numbers, making it hard to read for someone who does not have impaired vision. For example, if your URL is HTTP:233828-micr-122 vs HTTP:micro-usb.337 which one are you most likely to figure out? Make easy titles that are short and to the point to help the visually impaired as well as also boost SEO.

Add Schema Markup Data for Images

Adding schema markup may sound intimidating, but it is not as bad as you may think! This means your alt text and story will be able to read through Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google home ext.

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