Why It Is Important to Optimize for Customer Reviews?

In the last few months, Google has placed a great deal of importance on developing the reviews section of local businesses.

As a local business owner, the reviews section of your site is definitely an area you want to pay attention to.

From here on out no matter what your search query is, the reviews content will take up more space and be more viewable on your search engine. This applies to whatever industry or business you are searching for. This time around the reviews section will hold more influencing power than ever before.

This highlighted information just brings more emphasis on what your customers have to say about your business so as a result your customer reviews should be made a priority when optimizing your presence online.

There is a solution Google recommends you use as your local SEO strategy for reviews.

The strategy works by first focusing on searching your local business and making sure you gather the following data

  • your business name reviews
  • your industry and locale reviews
  • Just your industry reviews

Gathering data concerning the reviews that came back when making these searches gives you a better idea of where your reviews are coming from, what listings with reviews are of importance, finding extra sites to have reviews on. Once you have collected this data, organize the information into categories including what site it was found in, what search query was searched and what stature and rating were given to your site.

Why is this important?

Researching and collecting information regarding your customer views will help you evaluate where you stand as a local business. The reviews will showcase whether you should be managing  your current rating  accurately, if you are receiving a 5-star rating, or if you should be improving your ratings to meet the satisfaction  of your customers.

As Google puts emphasis on more customer related attributes for local businesses it is important to stay up to date and place priority on customer service and customer testimonials for your business.




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