Why Isn’t My Website Ranking Higher on Google?

Ranking high on Google search results is every website owner’s dream. Unfortunately, no matter how perfect a website looks, there can be a handful of reasons why it is not ranking higher. If this is the case for your website, we will explain five common reasons and how to resolve the issues.

1. Website Content That Is Not Indexed

One major misconception many website owners have is that once content is published, it is all set to rank on Google. In order for website content to show up on Google, it needs to go through a process called “indexing”. Indexing is when Google’s artificial intelligence scans content to understand it. Website owners can always check if Google has indexed their content by submitting the link on Google Search Console. If you see that Google does not index your content, you can always request indexing on Google Search Console and check on the progress.

2. Poor Internal Link Usage

Internal links are essential to have on each page of content, but implementing them the right way is even more important. Internal links should relate to the content you are providing and give value to users who click on them.

3. Strong Competition

If your business is in a competitive industry, ranking high on Google will not be easy, even with a great website. Sometimes, you just need to be patient as your website builds more authority. In the meantime, one solution to gain ground on strong competition is to write longer-tailed keywords.

4. Content Does Not Match Search Intent

While you cannot control what users will search for, understanding what most users will search for in regard to your industry is essential. Having a feel for the type of answers users are looking for can help you figure out how to structure your content strategy.

5. Technical Issues

Last but certainly not least, technical issues could be plaguing your website’s ranking. Technical website issues usually refer to slow page loading speeds or lack of an SSL certificate. Page speed is typically a Google ranking factor, so ensuring your website loads as fast as possible is essential.

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