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Why Isn’t My Site Ranked #1 on Google?

Does this scenario apply to your marketing and business outreach efforts?

You are trying to build an online presence for your business and have successfully picked a domain, bought a hosting service, and finally rolled out your website. However, once your website goes live you’re trying to find it on Google… it takes a while and you’re very far from the first page results. 

Many business owners want to rank higher on Google searches in order to improve conversions, enhance business visibility, and position your business more advantageously over competitors. But simply building a website won’t magically help you get more online conversions.

The reason your site is likely not ranking on the first page, or first search result on Google, is because your SEO needs an overhaul.

SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization,” is the process of making your website more visible to online users when they use search engines like Google. Without an effective SEO strategy, you’re likely to fall behind competitors in Google rankings.

So how can you help build your site’s SEO to get that coveted first-page result on Google?

Keywords and Content help drive Organic Search Results

To build effective SEO, you’ll need to understand what keywords will help your website appear in more user searches. Google Webmaster Tools such as Google Search Console, and Google’s Keyword Planner, help users to identify the keywords that drive more users to your site.

Once you have your keywords you’ll want to develop a content strategy, with tactics such as frequent blogging and social media posting, that incorporate these keywords. However, it is important to understand that keyword stuffing and other black-hat SEO practices will rank your site lower.

The best way to create your content is to add keywords while also making informative and entertaining content pieces that reflect the buyer’s journey. Frequent content creation is a cost-effective way to build your keywords, improve organic search rankings, and capture the attention of your ideal customers.

Additionally, adding other types of web pages that reflect your business’s services and your geographic service area help to improve local search rankings.

On-page optimization,  for multiple pages, is critical

Another critical part of building your site’s SEO is to optimize specific elements of each page including the URL, meta description, images, and similar on-page elements.

URLs should be customized to contain keywords and also reflect the content on the page, meta descriptions need to contain high-volume keywords, and images should have related alt-text. For example, a business that wants to build a landing page for furniture sales across the Greater Boston Area would have stronger SEO if they build multiple pages with the following on-page elements:

  • A URL that contains the name of a specific city/town as well as the main service (i.e furniture sales).
  • Meta descriptions that summarize the content on the page with applicable keywords and calls-to-action.
  • Images that help a user visualize the product/services offer with alt-text incorporated within each image.
  • On-page content that not only contains keywords but also helps the user know all the information needed to make a purchase/decision.

A website’s home page is just one opportunity for businesses and marketers to build SEO-friendly pages. Build out your pages with optimized on-page elements for best SEO results.

SEO Strategies Evolve 24/7: Contact An Expert

Businesses who are unfamiliar with SEO may think the above information is a lot to consider when it comes to SEO.

The bad news is that SEO tactics and opportunities are constantly changing, which means you’ll want to catch up ASAP. Just a handful of other opportunities to enhance SEO includes:

  • Site speed and mobile site speed optimization
  • Google My Business optimization
  • Video content and YouTube optimization
  • SEO optimization for other emerging search engines like DuckDuckGo
  • Adding structured data to location pages to help drive organic search results

The good news is that SEO experts are available to help if you don’t have the time to commit to emerging SEO practices.

SEO is extremely cost-effective but it takes a serious time investment. Make sure you effectively evaluate how much time you’ll have before taking up SEO or contacting an agency.

If you want to double check how well your SEO is doing we can provide a free SEO consultation. Our team at Boston Web Marketing will let you know what you can do to eventually get that #1 spot on Google.

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