Why Isn’t Google Showing The Sitelinks I Want?

When it comes to Google there is no way to show the site links that you specifically want.  However, we have some tips to get the appearance you are looking for when it comes to your Google search results.  Google is always trying to make it seamless and fast when it comes to customers finding what they are looking for.  One of Google’s many features is offering users organic sitelinks.  Organic site links are links that get displayed under the primary organic listing that go to other pages on your site.

How to Remove Unwanted Sitelinks

Although there has been speculation that Google will give site owners the power for input in the future, as of now you still can not just remove unwanted site links.  As there is no direct list of changes that Google implemented to influence your site links there are practices that will help.  Here are four easy tips to start with:

Page Titles Are Informative And Compact

While, it may be simple and easy to title your service page “Services” it is not informative to the user. This is not as helpful as “Restaurant Services” to a Google search user.  This may be an explanation on why transitional landing pages are being pulled rather than a website main page.

Site Structure Is Logical

When it comes to Google they place a big emphasis on site structure.  Keeping the site logical for users to understand what they are looking at and reading is obvious.  Where things can get tricky is making sure all categories are properly labeled and are also meaningful.  Google will utilize your site and how pages are linked together to get a user the fastest result possible.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is a very useful tip to allow the user to travel through different pages in as few clicks as possible.  They should be short and to the point to be optimal. However, updating your anchor texts can help you update your site links as well.  Start by crawling your site for all unwanted internal links.  Once you have a list update your anchor text of internal links that go to those unwanted site links.  Lastly, resubmit to Google Search Console, wait for it to be recrawled, and recheck your search listing.

Indexing / Removing A Page

This last tip should only be used in case of an emergency.  If all else fails you always have the option to index your page or you can simply remove it.  This really should only be used if that landing page is no longer in use.  Once either of those actions are taken all organic site links will be removed as they will not be in Google’s index anymore.

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