Why is User Experience Vital for Long-Term SEO? 

Did you know that 80% of online shoppers won’t revisit a website after a bad user experience? There is a common misconception that SEO is all about keywords and link building. Although this is a large part of it, SEO also goes far beyond it.

Google considers a plethora of factors when ranking your site, and the user experience of your website – more importantly, the technical SEO – is one of the most critical factors. To provide users with high-quality and relevant search results for their queries, search engines like Google introduced strict algorithm updates that consider things like page speed, mobile usability, and more user experience elements. 

Choosing to ignore user experience discourages visitors from staying on your website for an extended period. It can also cost you substantial business consequences. Providing your visitors with an exceptional user experience will allow conversions to happen seamlessly, with little effort from the customer themself. 

How to Improve Your User Experience

How exactly do you ensure that your website has a robust user experience? Testing it out yourself is a great way to start. Here are two critical things to consider to improve your website for strong SEO: 

Be Mindful of Broken Links

One of the most significant factors that discourage users from browsing your site is a 404 error page. This will annoy your visitors and prevent them from returning. This can happen due to the domain change, URL change, or any number of other issues. To check for 404s, Boston Web Marketing utilizes Webmaster Tools that allow us to monitor the backend of your website. We can create 301 redirects to direct those broken links to a working one- this is an easy fix that will significantly improve your user experience for solid SEO. 

Improve Page Speed

Another essential factor to consider is your website page speed, which is how long your website takes to load when a user lands on a page. Pages that load in 1 to 2 seconds have much higher conversions and lower bounce rates than those with longer page speeds. At least 40% of visitors will leave a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds. Especially with mobile website usage becoming more prominent, page speed is more important to beat out competitors. 

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