Why Is Page Speed Important For SEO?

When considering a focus for your business’s SEO strategy there are dozens of factors. Search engine algorithms rely on numerous pieces to form a much larger ranking “puzzle,” one of these being page speed! So, why does page speed matter so much and how can you improve your website’s overall page speed? Read on to find out!

Page Speed Affects Google Rankings

Google is not only the most valuable of all search engines, but it also is known to have the most sprawling criteria when it comes to page ranking algorithms. One part of this criteria is your website’s page speed. No matter if it is your homepage or other landing pages that are loading slowly this can be harmful to your Google ranking and keep you off of the first page. By working on increasing page speed you can not only improve your page rank but your website user experience as a whole.

It Can Create Inaccurate Bounce Rates

Page speeds not only directly influence your rankings, but they can also have further underlying impacts. One constantly measured piece of SEO data is bounce rates. If a page is loading slowly users will seldom wait even seconds for the page to load and instead will exit out, thus boosting your overall bounce rate. Hypothetically, the page could have excellent content and media and be a page that would otherwise have a lower than average bounce rate, the only problem is poor page speed is preventing users from seeing the page’s content in the first place!

Overall Session Times Will Decrease With Poor Page Speed

Much like bounce rates a website’s average session time is a key piece of data for SEO specialists to focus on. Average session times are a good indicator to measure how valuable your content is and how likely users are to lead to future conversions. Obviously, a website with higher average session times means users are taking in more content and information than those with low average session times. Similarly to its correlation to bounce rates, page speeds that are below average mean users lose their patience and disappear from the site before seeing any content on a page, in turn dropping average session times.

Improve Page Speed With Boston Web Marketing

From page speed improvement to full-fledged website redesigns the team at Boston Web Marketing is ready to assist your SEO strategies and needs. Don’t let poor SEO keep your website off of the first page of Google, contact Boston Web Marketing today!


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