Why is NAP Consistency Important?

SEO, more specifically, Local SEO, has plenty of factors that help determine your website’s ranking within Google and other search engines.  Factors such as content, back links, and other metrics go into determining where your website will show up in search results. One of the largest parts of Local SEO is something called, “NAP Consistency”. NAP stands for name, address, and phone number. Having NAP consistency means that everywhere your information is listed online, it’s uniform to other listings and it’s 100% accurate.

Understanding NAP Consistency

Google’s main objective is to provide the most accurate answers to any search query. Google makes money off of its advertising, which is why their user base is the most important thing to them. When they display local search results, they want to make sure that what they are showing is accurate to their users.

That’s why NAP Consistency is crucial for local businesses who are targeting local search results. We all know that backlinks are important, as they are indicators of authority to search engines. Google and other search engines also use listings, directories, and backlinks as ways to evaluate how much trust they can place in a website. If all other ranking factors are equal, the website with better NAP consistency will probably rank higher than its competitors.

Do you think your business or website has inconsistent NAP information on the internet? If so, its probably affecting your ranking for local search. Contact the experts at Boston Web Marketing to get your website where it deserves to be!

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