Why Is My Website’s Traffic Dropping?

Don’t worry – most of the time traffic drops are normal and to be expected, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to do something about it. A decline in traffic is something that happens to almost every website at one time or another. It can happen for many reasons, whether it be a seasonality issue, a decline in your digital marketing budget, or a plethora of other reasons. One thing you should look for is whether or not your organic traffic has declined along with your site’s overall traffic. Organic traffic can suffer as a result of a lack of new content, new competitors to your product or service, or a loss of backlinks to your site. 

Does My Website’s Traffic Affect My Ranking?

While the two certainly go hand in hand, a decline in traffic will not always mean a decrease in rankings. A traffic decline or improvement won’t necessarily move your website up or down in the search engine results page’s ranking. While Google’s goal is to rank popular websites higher, the algorithm does not let traffic affect rankings because it can be too easily manipulated. So, if your traffic has suddenly declined and you’re worried about your site’s ranking and visibility, fear not. There is plenty you can do to get your traffic back up while maintaining your rankings!

How Can I Make My Website Traffic Go Back Up?

Just like building traffic for a new website, there are many ways to build your site’s traffic back up. Your first step in doing this is to use your Google Analytics account to find out which pages have been affected the most. Furthermore, it’s important to know which traffic sources have declined. For instance, if your Pay-Per-Click budget has run out, you’ll need to increase it to make sure your Google Ads are still running. If your organic traffic has declined, there are many cost-effective ways to get the traffic back to normal or even better than it was before. One way to increase organic traffic is to write brand new, relevant content that will make your site stand out and appear in the results for more searches, which will lead to more clicks. Another excellent way to increase your site’s traffic is to use tools that put backlinks on quality sites which will increase your results page rankings, in turn increasing traffic.

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