Why Is My Google Search Consul Data Inaccurate?

Heads up to those who are frequent users of Google Search Consul — Google just announced that they are undergoing “ongoing” infrastructure updates for the unforeseeable future.

The search engine strives to give users a better experience not only for their organic searches, but also for those who are data-driven, such as SEO managers. The company mentioned that the updates, which began on November 1st, may impact some of the data reporting within the consul.

What will the update most heavily impact?

Google mentioned that the Search Analytics tool within Search Consul won’t be affected, which means users will still be able to see under what keywords their company is coming up for in searches (impressions), as well as the number of clicks to the website, click-through-rate, and a rough estimate of current organic rankings.

In “other reports and sections” however some data may be affected, though Search Engine Land states that these sections were not specified. This data may be skewed until the end of the month depending on how long these infrastructure upgrades take. Google hopes to resume reporting as soon as possible, but in the meantime be wary about the data pulled into Consul.

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