Why is Link Farming Harmful?

It is well known that the Google algorithms emphasize link building when weighing in on a website’s page rank. Upon hearing this news many web developers ran to their computers to begin building as many links on their websites as possible. Some of the links were valid and did in fact add value to the websites, while others were spam, fraudulent, or otherwise useless links. This is where link farming becomes an issue.

What is Link Farming?

Link farming is perhaps the most commonly practiced Black Hat SEO technique. It happens when a website creates mutual links with another website called a link farm, or brokers a deal to have their links listed on suspicious listing sites. The goal of link farming is to generate a high volume of inbound traffic through outside linking to “trick” Google into thinking your website is highly sought after and valuable. The telltale signs of a link farm are a lack of overall content aside from links as well as posting content completely unrelated to the website, think a beauty website posting links to buy car parts.

Google Can Detect Link Farming

Google quickly caught onto how they were being taken advantage of and swiftly reworked the algorithm again. Google is now able to detect link farming from both ends, the websites posting the links as well as the websites links are directing users to. There was no sympathy from Google when these changes were made- websites found guilty of link farming can at the minimum expect a heavy page rank penalty and in some cases no longer be indexed by Google entirely. Links created as a byproduct of link farming are also now automatically flagged as spam.

Differentiating Between Good Links and Bad Links

Search engines use links as their own system of measurement of a site’s popularity. But, as previously stated not all links are created equal nor are they seen as such by search engines. Links to your website from accredited sites such as a local news station or national publication are the most valuable, but even smaller websites that mention your website and feature links are still of value, so long as the links are valid!

Work With Boston Web Marketing

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