Why is it Important to Have Well-Written Page Titles & Meta Descriptions?

Having well-optimized page titles and meta descriptions are important for your website’s content. A page title is what defines the title of the document on a website. This helps online users figure out quickly what a particular page is about. While a page title has a maximum of 60 characters, a meta description is allowed to have up to 160 characters and helps summarize a web page’s content.

When you have a page title that includes your keywords associated to the content on that webpage, it helps search engines understand what the page is about and helps to index your page accordingly for the appropriate keywords. When using keywords in your page title, search engines will bold the text which helps the users with their searching online. Google recommends that every page title should  include your brand, so the name of your business should either be at the beginning or end of the page title.

A meta description that is properly optimized is important to have and it will help with your search results. This also will help improve your click-through rates. Since you are allowed only 160 characters it’s important to utilize the description to the fullest and all pages on the site should have a unique description. These meta descriptions should be targeting your unique keywords and areas that you offer your services in. These meta descriptions should always be descriptive, persuasive, and have the correct length!

Writing page titles and meta descriptions is an important part of developing your website’s search results and it’s something that should not be ignored!

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