Why Is It Important to Have a Call to Action?

With technology constantly changing it’s getting harder and harder to grab the attention of your audience. Implementing a call to action on your website can help solve this problem. A call to action is used in many different ways to help increase the overall effectiveness of a website.

What Is a Call to Action?

A call to action is a known marketing term that refers to when a marketer leads their audience to do a desired action. Calls to action are usually in the form of buttons and links on web pages. Buttons such as “Learn More”, “Call Today”, and “Buy Now” are all examples of common calls to action you’ve probably seen. However, a call to action can be used for other areas of a web page such as a “Join Our Newsletter” link or button. A call to action can be used any time a website wants to transfer a user from one web page to another. The action can then be tracked and analyzed in order to view a pattern amongst their audience. These analytics help in determining which kind of people your website should target.

Can a Call to Action Annoy My Customers?

It is important to use calls to action properly on your web pages. Having too many calls to action can make the web page feel cluttered and disingenuous. Customers won’t feel inclined to click on anything if they are constantly being bombarded with calls to action while browsing your page. Having few calls to action on your web page is also not the solution to this problem. Instead, you’ll have the same problem in which users may not see your call to action and therefore don’t click on them. The best way to implement calls to action on your page is by making them flow with the content itself. For example, if you have a paragraph discussing your services then you should add a link or button to your services page. This will make it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for.

Does a Call to Action Increase My Conversions?

Calls to action do not always lead to a conversion however, they can help improve them exponentially. A conversion can occur for many types of reasons. A customer can like your branding, work, or just your website and decide to do business with you. Utilizing a call to action on your website will directly bring your audience to the pages that are most important. Therefore having a “Call Now” or “Contact Form” call to action can help drive traffic through your website. Making it as easy as possible for users to navigate your website will help produce conversions down the line. If you ever need help creating eye-catching calls to action and implementing them on your site. Boston Web Marketing is here to help you every step of the way. Our professional team will help make sure everything is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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