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Why is Internal Linking So Important?

Internal linking is an SEO tactic that links one page to another page on the same domain. These links are simple to implement on your sites and are crucial for your SEO success. Adding internal links will drive more traffic through your entire website and will lead to customers spending more time on your site. There are many benefits that come along with using internal links, continue reading to learn more!

Creating a Hierarchy

Having interior links on your sites creates relationships and creates a hierarchy between content pages on your website so you can clearly direct users and search engines to your most important pages and content. The links you choose to include on your websites homepage will be higher up in the hierarchy.

Link Equity

Internal links can assist your pages in building link equity. When you link pages from your most reliable pages, the linked pages are then seen to have more value and authority because of their relationship with the more important page. Link equity allows your more frequently visited pages to share some of their authority to new pages or pages that you would like to direct more traffic to and have users see more.

Search Engine Ease

A major benefit of internal linking is that they help with Google and other search engines crawlability. Having this will lead to driving more traffic to your site. Website crawling is the process where software “crawls” through your site’s pages to index the content. Adding internal links makes it easier for search engines to discover all the pages on your site, which leads to your website showing up more often in search results!

User Experience

Having a clear internal linking system allows users to navigate your site. Internal links create a more user-friendly and easier website for users to find what they’re looking for and can lead to them discovering new content. Overall, internal linking makes your website easily accessible and more convenient for users when browsing. It is very important for your user experience to be great, it will help your website and customers both!

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