Why is following White Hat SEO methods important in 2021? 

In 2021, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies are essential for dominating the digital side of your business. A good SEO plan such as incorporating “white hat” SEO tactics will pay off for your business in the long run. White Hat SEO can be defined as ethical and commendable SEO practices, while Black Hat SEO is considered unethical and frowned upon. Search Engines reward quality white hat SEO techniques and will punish black hat SEO techniques. Here are some important aspects of White Hat SEO to focus on.


When it comes to white hat SEO, having quality content is king. What exactly does that mean? Quality content on your website can be achieved in multiple ways. For starters, when you aim for having original and unique content, that is beneficial for SEO ranking purposes. Having original and unique content will help you stand out online against your competitors. It is imperative to avoid plagiarizing or having duplicate content on your website. Keywords are another essential aspect of SEO content. Use the best keywords related to your business but do not do any keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is exactly what it sounds like: being too repetitive by manipulating the use of certain words. Keyword stuffing is a black hat SEO method and comes with repercussions from search engines.


Alt-text is another useful white hat SEO tactic. Alt-text is often optional but for SEO purposes,  you should always take advantage of having it inputted. What is Alt-text? Alt-text is essentially a short snippet website owners can use to describe what is going on in a photo. Not only does Alt-text help visually impaired users, but Alt-Text helps website crawlers index and identify what is on your website. The more you communicate with website crawlers, the better chance you will appear higher on a search result page for a query.

Spelling and Grammar

Spelling and Grammer are important for everything done digitally, but especially SEO! Nothing can set back your SEO ambitions like bad spelling or grammar. Always proofread your content and use tools like Grammarly for the correct spelling and best grammar.

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