Why is Data Missing From Google’s New Search Console?

After the launch of their new search console, Google has published a help document to explain why reports are seemingly missing. Fortunately, there are two reasons for said missing data. Check them out below!

Data Has Yet to be Migrated

The likeliest of reasons for this issue is that Google simply hasn’t migrated the data yet. Launching a new search console takes some work, and they are still deep in the process of doing so. The newest Google Search Console is also in the early stages of its public beta, so patience is certainly required throughout this part of the process. It’ll take some time before all data and reports can be migrated to the appropriate places. Expect more reports to be added in the coming months. For now, all we can say is, “don’t fret!”

Better Opportunities for Data

If you’re expecting every report to be transferred over the way they were before, you’re sorely mistaken. The classic version of reports may, in fact, be gone, but rest assured that there is a better way to represent the data. In fact, new reports will represent a combination of different types of data applied to one client and one report. It’s important to note, for your benefit, that Google simply won’t stop displaying critical Search Console data. If you need assistance accessing data that is not available in the new Search Console, the option of toggling back and forth between the new and classic versions is available to you. Please take advantage of this feature.


The most that can be asked for throughout this turbulent process is, “please have patience.” Beta status means aspects of the overall process are still being worked through and not yet optimally functioning. Be patient and soon you’ll have all the data you desire, and in a more optimal format! If you have any further questions, please contact Boston Web Marketing at 857-526-0096.

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