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Why Is Content On My Website Underperforming?

How do you define success? We all have different definitions of success, but we all know it when we see it individually. No matter how we each define and see success in any field, underperformance can still happen. When it comes to determining the success of your website, website owners have access to data via tools like Google Analytics. We will all interpret website data differently and have different standards, but will know when something is not right. If your website content is not getting the traction you believe it should, here are the probable reasons why.

1. Subpar Content

A website’s content is one of, if not the most pivotal driving force of traffic generated. If you believe your website is not meeting your standards, the first place you should look at is the overall content. Not only does content have to be written well, but it also needs to be displayed well and have relevance too. Having a strong idea of what potential consumers are looking for in your industry is imperative.

2. Poor URL Optimization

A websites content URL often gets overlooked and that is not only a shame but costly. URLs help search engines index pages for search engine result pages. When you are committed to how your URL looks, you are doing yourself a favor in the long run. The creation of website content enables the website owner to optimize the URL structure of the page. URLs can and should be edited for keywords and web users because that will allow them to find information quicker.

3. Lack of Internal And External Links

Both internal and external links are essential when it comes to having good SEO. Implementing internal links across content on your website will keep users on your website longer, and lead to more pages visited. In addition, internal links will help search engines learn more about the contents of your webpage.

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