Why is Branding So Important for Local Search Rankings

It comes to no surprise that branding is super important when it comes to raising awareness to your business. All of the big national companies have done it, and their results have been huge from Coca-Cola to Nike to Gatorade. Branding has proven to be a major part of their campaigns. Now local businesses can do so as well, not so much on a national level but in terms of location. Using branding as a strategy, will definitely give small businesses that boost they need. The terms aren’t to compete with national brands on their level, but to create their own branding around the locations they serve and the community values they believe in. People are attracted to small local businesses because of their personal service, diversity and sense of community. Local businesses are in style, and it is definitely a cool thing if you use local business for your service.

So how exactly do you build a brand strategy for a local business?

Always update your profile listing to make sure you are being found online. If you are in NYC and you make the best cheese pizzas in the city, I want to find you. This can be done via local listings, social media sites and feedback from local customers or clients. Second step is staying consistent.  What appeals to users is visibility of images and videos and staying consistent with keeping your videos up to date, by showcasing different products. Using their logo and banner and the colors on their products that will bring awareness to the business.  The main focus should be to stay local, stay current and stay accessible.  Letting customers/clients know you serve certain areas and that you are staying aware makes them susceptible to use the service/business more.  Providing content and being active on social media, and being able to respond to customer feedback is going to ultimately increase a local business’s impressions and build their brand in a niche market. That is exactly what will get a local business noticed.

To get found by location is one part, the second is being chosen as the brand of choice that is the recipe for branding of local businesses with these strategies. This Brand Strategy will ultimately increase this google algorithm and your business will see the results it’s looking for.



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