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Why Is Blogging Important For SEO?

Did you know that almost 70 million blogs are posted monthly across the internet? Blogging is still prevalent and essential to digital marketing strategies just about everywhere. Not only are blogs informational for their targeted audience, but they are also excellent brand and business marketing tools that can boost conversions and increase website traffic. However, every blog is built and created in different ways. A suitably formatted and strategized blog is vital as it assists in building brand awareness and authority. To learn more about the importance of blogging and SEO, the industry experts at Boston Web Marketing have compiled our reasons for why you should be blogging.

How Are Blogs Effective For SEO?


Blogging Builds Trust

Blogging provides the public with reliable, knowledgeable information and advice. When the information in the blog is accurate, it can help your business or brand establish online authority within your chosen field and expertise. Search engines, especially Google, check sites and blogs for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness; when all of these items are pinpointed, it helps your blog rank within the search engine—helping you appear to new customers and gain further trust from recurring customers.

Relevant Blogs Improve Brand Awareness

When blogs are new, fresh, and relevant, they make your business stand out from your competitors. People will visit your website compared to another that lacks blogs as you give the consumers the information they are looking for. This is especially true with FAQs. When a customer searches for a question, an FAQ blog will most likely answer the question, appearing first on a search engine results page.

Blogging Increases Engagement

One of the most common reasons for blogging other than brand awareness is to increase engagement. Building online relationships with current and prospective customers is essential in driving engagement. Blogging provides these customers with shareable content that can be easily found and distributed throughout the internet, including social media. When the content is shared, it’s easily accessible for people to click, increasing traffic on your site and conversions.

Blogging Generates New Business and Leads

If potential consumers come across your blogging content and enjoy it, there is a relatively high percentage of opportunity for them to seek out your services. Blogs that contact a call to action, such as contact information, link to a newsletter, etc., are great ways to generate new leads.

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