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Why is Alt Text so important for my site’s SEO?

Uploading images without inputting Alt Text can have a negative impact on a website’s SEO. This is because, search engines such as Google and Bing, crawl the web and won’t be able to understand the image files if there is no alt text that has been set. Therefore, alt text is vital for websites and for search engines to be able to understand a page better and to provide users with the best possible results for what they’re searching for.

What is Alt Text?

Alt text, also commonly referred to as alt attributes, is a snippet of detailed information describing what an image shows. Alt-text is placed with an HTML code to describe the appearance & function of an image. If an image cannot be loaded, alt text will be displayed. Alt text was originally developed to assist the blind or visually impaired to understand what an image was portraying when the screen reader relays the alt text to them, which improved their internet browsing experience. 

Why Does Alt Text Impact SEO?

A website’s images having alt text set is crucial for SEO. Alt text provides context to what an image is displaying, informing search engine crawlers and allowing them to index an image correctly. Nonetheless, not only does alt text help search engine crawlers, not setting alt text for your images can have negative effects on the ranking of your site.

Fundamentally, the purpose of alt text is to improve accessibility by describing what an image is showing to users who do not have the ability to see them. However, it also helps search engine crawlers and improves SEO. Not setting alt text for images means that your site then becomes difficult for screen readers and browsers to interpret and negatively impacts the user experience for anyone who is visually impaired. Ensure that every visitor, as well as search engines, can access your content by making sure you set descriptive alt text for all your websites images!

How to Write Good Alt Text

When writing alt text for images, you need to remember the original purpose for this. This was used to help the blind or visually impaired so, you need to make the alt text in a way that visually impaired persons can fully understand what the image is showing. You need to avoid writing alt texts for just SEO purposes. This means your first priority when writing alt text should be to describe exactly what is happening in the image and avoid keyword ‘stuffing’. Keep alt tags short and descriptive, using just one or two keywords to get the point across.

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