Why is Alt Text Important?

When creating content, adhering to SEO best practices for all elements is crucial. This includes having a sufficient word count, avoiding duplicate content, and making all visual elements accessible for humans and search engines. The best way to do this is adding alternative text (alt text) to images. Alt text adds a brief description to all images on a web page. Let’s review the importance of alt texts and how it helps your content strategy.

Offers image context

Ultimately, alt text will offer your readers some sort of context for the image they are seeing. It will describe what is on the image, and what activities or emotions are displayed by the figures on the screen. It can also enhance the user experience. Alt text will appear on a screen when a web page cannot load a particular image. It also helps screen-reading software identify and relay images to the visually impaired, promoting equitable content consumption.

Helps Google rank relevant photos

Google will crawl and index your pages to find quality content to present to search engines users for specific inquiries. When a user searches for a specific image, Google will present relevant photos in an image pack. When you have alt text associated with your images on your site, Google can easily peruse and present this image to inquirers. Optimizing your alt texts by having brief descriptions with limited keywords or repetition will help boost your web page’s rankings.

Makes content accessible

Accessible content should be at the forefront of your SEO priorities. No matter who your intended audience is, you should always be sure to create web content that doesn’t devalue the user experience of disabled folk. Google requires all published content to follow the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0, which ensures all those with disabilities have access to quality solutions for image and audio content. As mentioned before, those who have visual impairments can use screen-reading technology to read alt texts and announce the description.

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