Why is A Google My Business Profile Essential?

If you have searched for a business on Google in the last ten years, you have likely come across a Google My Business profile for the business you searched for. A Google My Business profile is a free tool businesses use to promote their brand online. It is essential for local businesses to have a Google My Business Profile set up in today’s digital age. Not only is it free, but it is easy to set up and resourceful for users. Here are five reasons why having a Google My Business profile is worthwhile.

1. Your Business Can Appear On Maps

Having a Google My Business Profile set up can lead to your business appearing on Google Maps. Appearing on a Google Map creates tremendous visibility for your business and automatically increases your business’s “brand awareness”.

2. The Profile Is Highly Noticeable

Whenever someone searches for a business on Google that has a Google My Business Profile, it will take up about a quarter of the page and appear on the top right. Once the page loads, it will be hard for any user not to notice the profile.

3. It’s Packed With Information

A Google My Business Profile allows owners to present countless business details all in one place. With one simple click, users can see business hours, services offered, photos, etc. On top of that, a Google My Business profile is a great way to inform potential customers if your business is closed for the holidays or vacation.

4. An Extra Opportunity for Reviews

Having reviews for your business on Google can be powerful and Google My Business profiles make it easy for users to leave a review. Getting a strong amount of reviews on Google can increase your business’s credibility and help it rank higher in terms of SEO.

5. Statistics

Google My Business can also provide valuable statistics that give insights into your business’s digital presence. From views, engagement, and clicks, there are ways to measure just how many people are seeing your Google My Business Profile and how they are interacting with it.

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