Why Images On Your Website Are Important

Images and graphics are just as crucial to your website design as each page’s content, words, and information. Including images on your website is essential for many different reasons. Follow along as the website design and SEO experts at Boston Web Marketing discuss the main reasons why it is important for your website to include images.

Improve Rank on Search Engines

Boosting your search engine ranking is as simple as using relevant, quality images on your website pages. When combined with optimizing your images by adding alt text and metadata, this straightforward yet effective strategy significantly increases your chances of being found on relevant and even image searches!

Users Prefer Images

Did you know that 60% of consumers are more willing to consider search results that include images? While your website must contain relevant and important information, including images is a strategic way to attract more users. For users just scrolling through, an image can grab their attention. Pages containing images not only attract more users but also receive higher engagement. 

People Connect Better with Images

Images are more likely to elicit an emotional response from users on your website. No matter what kind of services or products you offer, including an image would effectively get some response from users on your website. Provide pictures showing how your products or services work, how they make a difference, or how they solve a problem. 

Brings Your Product to Life

Adding images of your products or services brings them to life for visitors to your website. Research has found that most people only read 28% of the words on a website page, meaning that explaining your products or services rather than providing photos of them may not be effective in leading to conversions. If you provide images that show off your product, how it works, and its benefits. You can also include images of your team providing the service you offer. 

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