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Why Having a Reviews Page Is a Good Idea

The most recent Google Plus update includes the removal of all location information from business pages. This would mean that the information area meant for business description, photos, or categories have all been removed. With that being said, the area for consumer reviews now takes up a larger portion of the Google Plus page. Users who visit your website will now only be able to see your business name, address, phone number and your reviews.

The Problem:

Having a testimonials page on your site is a great place to post some of your most glowing reviews and users who visit your website would be able to read those reviews. But most users would want to read reviews that are unbiased and that are found on third-party review sites instead of a business testimonials page. The use of a testimonials page may come off as not trustworthy because of it being found on your website. Most if not all the reviews on your testimonials page will be five-star reviews from your past work. Even if you were to post every review to your testimonials page, both good and bad, most people will believe that your reviews will be heavily leaning towards your favor.

The Solution:

Instead of having a list of Testimonials, create a “reviews” page that links to various websites where customers can read your reviews and find more interesting information about you and your business. Google reviews, of course, should be the first review listed at the top. Include a brief description of what they are reading. Instead of a testimonials page that many people often do not take seriously, a reviews page will be more useful to the users visiting your website.

When including various third party review links to your new page, make sure that the new links will open up in a separate browser tab, this will allow customers to navigate back to your website after reading your reviews.

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