Why Has My Website Traffic Lowered?

This is a common occurrence for many people that do not know how to keep up with SEO best practices. If you have a website for your business or organization, keep reading to discover why your website traffic has lowered and what you can do to improve it. 

How Come People Can’t Find My Site?

If you find that your website is not appearing on the search engine results page, you are likely optimizing for the wrong keywords or content. Implementing blogs is a great place to start to let Google or other search engines know what your website entails. Blog topics include critical details about what your business or organization stands for. To truly create the best possible blog topic, it is essential to utilize keywords in your header tags, apply internal linking wherever possible, and write authentic content relative to your brand. 

Another way you can implement SEO tactics to boost your ranking is to update your page titles and meta descriptions. These are found on the search engine results page. The page title appears in blue, underlined text, and the meta description is the smaller font directly underneath. These are two major contributing factors to identifying to Google what your page encompasses. The page title should be filled with strong keywords, a location relative to your business, or your organization name. The meta description allows you to get more in-depth about your page while maintaining 160 characters or less. 

What Can I Do To Get New People To My Site?

Developing a robust organic search strategy allows you to increase your new sessions and visitors. Organic search is a term used to describe the process of optimizing your site for foreign users to discover. To create a better organic search strategy, you must incorporate SEO best practices. One of the best ways to utilize SEO is staying up-to-date on trending keywords. Google Search Console provides a fantastic source of identifying keywords used concerning your site. For example, if your business site is for a pizza parlor, phrases like “best pizza near me” or “specialty pizza” may be your top-trending keywords. Incorporating these keywords into your site, blog posts, and even social media content can reach audiences relative to your business. 

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