Why Google Tag Manager is important

If you have recently built a website then it is important to add Google Tag manager to add tags to your site so you can start tracking different types of conversions. If you have not installed Google Tag Manager odds are you are missing out on some important conversions to your site. Boston Web Marketing is here to give you the importance of Tag Manager and why you should install it on your site.

Conversion Tracking

The main purpose for Google Tag Manager is conversion tracking. Google analytics can give you live conversions and help you track the overall track to your website, but Tag Manager can give you specific tags for your site. For example, if you want to track conversions for how many clicks you got on your “Click to Call” button you can create a specific tag for that. Once the tag is created you can then find how many times that specific button was created.

It’s Easy To Install

Google Tag Manager may seem intimidating but in reality, it has a very easy setup process. In order to properly use tag manager you will need the following:

  • Access to the backend of your website
  • Google analytics access
  • Some knowledge of what conversions look like

Once you have created your account you should then enter your Google Analytics code into tag manager so you can link the two together. From then on it is all about adding the correct tag and triggers. Tags and triggers go hand and hand when it comes to making a complete tag. The tag basically links up the analytics and gives a name that you would see on reports. The trigger tells the tag exactly what to track across the website. This part can be tedious but it is important that you make the tags correctly so they will work. You can always check your tag by using preview mode on Google Tag Manager and checking to see if the tags fire on your website. Once all of that is set and done, the final step for you to do is add the tag into Google Analytics. This is an extremely important tag because if you do not set this up the conversions will not track! We hope these tips will help you be on your way to setting up Google Tag Manager!

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