Why Google is Slow on Crawling Your Site?

Many people have recently asked me about how fast can they start seeing improved SEO results for their business. I usually tell them three months is the time people should see improved rankings on Google. However, it also depends on how fast Google is crawling their website. Google has a very complex algorithm that determines its crawl speed for a site.

Here are 2 reasons why Google is slow on crawling your website: 

  1. Errors: When you have a lot of errors on your website, Google would also be slow to crawl your website. It is important to find those errors using Google Webmaster Tools and use a 301 redirect to direct the error pages to the correct pages.
  2. Too Many URLs: Google would not be able to crawl too many URLs at a time and there are ways to solve that such as: adding  a XML sitemap. It allows Google to regularly crawl your site and let your updated content to be indexed.

With that being said, it is important to constantly monitor any broken links to images or content on your website. Using helpful tools like 301 redirects and a XML sitemap for your website helps out a lot for search engines such as Google and Bing.



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