Why Good Testimonials Are Vital For Website SEO

The process of mastering SEO is always ongoing. There are lots of little nuances that you need to master, and Google’s algorithm is always changing. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t constants to good SEO! One of these constants isn’t the first thing you would think about when pondering SEO: testimonials. The importance of highlighting the good testimonials that your business receives cannot be stressed enough. Read on to discover how good testimonials can be beneficial for website SEO!

Testimonials Lead To Conversions

At the end of the day, the goal of your business’s SEO plan should be to get as many successful conversions as possible. It isn’t enough to simply rank well in Google Search results in order to make this happen. To close the sales, you’ll need to convince people that your services are worth pursuing. One of the best ways of doing this is for your customers to hear it from other people. As a business, you’ll always say that your services are good; customers have come to expect that! If they hear it from other people, they will be much more likely to fill out a contact form, call or send an email.

Testimonials Help Your Local Search Rankings

Chances are, your business will have a listing on Google My Business if you want to rank well locally. You probably already know that the more you fill out on this listing, the better your business will do. Testimonials are a vital part of this, too! Google’s search algorithm tends to favor businesses that have received more positive reviews. The higher your business is rated overall, the higher it will show up in search results! However, one positive review won’t be enough to do the trick. You’ll need to build up a good amount of them by providing excellent service. You can also use social media to encourage people to leave your business a review.

Testimonials Can Be Keyword Rich

Good ratings aren’t the only thing that is favored by Google’s search algorithm! Testimonials also have the potential to be rich with keywords that you want to rank for. After all, the services your business offers will definitely be part of the keywords you’re trying to rank well for. These testimonials are the ones that you’ll want to highlight most on your website. The more positive reviews that you can rack up with the keywords you need, the better!

Improve Your SEO With Boston Web Marketing

Mastering the small nuances and constant changes that SEO undergoes is a daunting task to accomplish on your own. At Boston Web Marketing, we can help you through the process! We always keep ourselves updated with best SEO practices and Google search algorithm changes to help your business rank ahead of the competition. To learn more about our services and see the difference for yourself, contact us today!

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