Why Featured Snippets is Important in 2021 

Google rolled out featured snippets back in 2017, which aimed to best answer a user’s question. A featured snippet is important because it appears on top of the search result page, giving your web page more visibility to your target searches and increasing traffic to your site. As  2020 is coming to a close, we evaluate our performance and see how we can improve in the wake of 2021. So, why is the featured snippet important for 2021? Well, Google launched a “featured snippet deduplication” update in January, which means, instead of 11 organic listings as we saw on the search result page, there are now 10 with the featured snippet being recognized as #1 organic position. 

If you have not already started, you are missing out on a big opportunity where your competitors could be stealing your potential clicks/sales. Here’s an action plan on how to get started:

Identifying Target Keywords and More

Focusing on long-tail keywords should be your first step in content strategy. There are two ways on improving your existing content on your site. First, finding the lowest engagement in landing pages and refining the content by expanding the keywords and content for better optimization. Second, review your highest engagement in landing pages and see any keyword opportunities you are missing. Maximizing your potential content growth will increase your chances of staying ahead of your competition.

Restructuring Your On-page Content

When users are “Googling,” they are essentially asking a question and looking for a simple answer to their search query. Content should be easier to read. Think about the hierarchy of your content and plan your site structure accordingly with H2s and H3s tags. Use the H2 tag in the form of a question and include your target keywords and then answer that question in as much detail as possible. We have written many comprehensive content strategy blogs for you read as this will take some time to implement, which leads us to the next step.

Run Tests and Measure Metrics

As much as we would love to get found in the #1 organic position. It takes time. The best way to approach this is to run tests, do your users engage better with long content or shorter content (while keeping away from thin content.) This process may take months to see actual results, so be mindful that if you are continually making updates and improvements, the results will come in! 

By focusing on articles on thorough and well-explained questions, you can deep dive in details to support your content to improve your chances of getting found on the top page if you are struggling to see your website found anywhere in the search results. Get in touch with Boston Web Marketing and let us provide you a website analysis and list out SEO opportunities you are missing. Call today to learn more!


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