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Why Does Your Blog Need Internal Links?

Internal links are crucial to your website. The top two items within Google’s algorithm are content and links, as a matter of fact. Links typically end up reigning supreme, and while it is important to focus a bit on external links, it is also important to continually focus on increasing the internal links as well. Do you know why? There’s actually quite a few reasons. Let’s take a look at some of these reasons.

Increased Pages per Session & Usability

With the increase in internal linking, we will typically see the usability of the site increase. This, in turn, leads to people going to more and more pages, which means that there is an increased chance of conversion.

Site Architecture

While it is important for the users to have an easy time getting around the site, it is also crucial for crawlers to be able to get around the site well too. With the internal linking, we can see that the site architecture is increased because all of the pages begin to link together.

Boosts Pageviews

Pageviews are crucial to a site because they help to increase the conversions, as mentioned above. The pageviews are important and can do a lot for your brand awareness as well. Increasing brand awareness could be something that really helps your company and increases direct traffic as well.

Site Time

The time on a site is important. If it is too long, this could mean that your site is enticing, but nothing really pulls in the users to convert, but if it is too short, you can find out that there is quite a problem. Similarly, if your average time on site is extremely short, this could be a huge problem, or you may have to filter out the spam traffic that is going to the site.

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