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Why Does SEO Take Time?

Working hard and not getting any results can be extremely frustrating. When beginning the SEO process, it’s easy to get excited and expect to see results right away. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and the process takes some time. It’s possible to start seeing solid results up to 4-6 months from the start. Although it can be disappointing, it is vital to understand the work and time needed to start seeing strong, organic results. 

So why does SEO take time? It can be a slow process because many factors go into it to get results. These factors are keywords, competition, inbound links, and domain age. Depending on how you approach these factors and the difficulty level, the SEO process can be longer or shorter. That said, not everything in the SEO process takes that long to start seeing some results. In just a few weeks, you may see a slight improvement in your organic ranking and an increase in traffic for keywords with very little competition. Learn more on why SEO takes time and how Boston Web Marketing can help you today!

4  Reasons Why SEO Takes Time


Keyword difficulty

Keywords play an essential factor in SEO. Your SEO keywords are the words and phrases that make up the content for your website. They are what people search for and help find you on search engines to land on your site. The difficulty in your keyword research affects your SEO speed. It is how to measure the keyword’s difficulty in the page rank. When a particular keyword has a high search volume, it becomes more difficult to rank high on the search engine results page. With many websites competing for that exact keyword, it is more difficult for other websites to start ranking. On the contrary, lower volume keywords take much less time to rank for. Depending on the strength of the competition, how long it takes to rank for these keywords could be a few weeks or several months.


As mentioned above, competition plays a vital role in the SEO process. With more competition, the longer it will take to make your way to the top of the search engine results page. Some industries are much more competitive than others, so it is crucial to understand how your website will rank in certain areas. If you are working in a competitive market, it may take longer for you to see promising results. Law firms and real estate have very high and competitive markets, making it difficult to rank high for common keywords. The more competition in high markets like these, the more complicated and longer it will take to see strong, organic search results.

Inbound links

Inbound links, also called “backlinks, ” are links from another site to your site. It is important to have trustworthy backlinks to your website, but this can be a timely process. Excellent and strong backlinks take time, and you can’t expect to secure some immediately. Websites with inbound links rank much higher than those without, so it’s important to wait out the process.

The age of your domain

Domain age is another reason why SEO takes time. The life of your domain’s existence can significantly impact your website’s rank on search engines. Generally speaking, an older domain makes it significantly easier for you to rank higher than a newer domain. Search engines like Google can detect how old a domain is based on when it was first crawled and when the first link to the site was recognized. There is not much to do when you have a newer domain and cannot switch to an older and previously established one. The best way is to be patient and wait until the traffic comes to your site, popping up everywhere on a result page. 

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