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Why Does My Website Traffic Go Down On Weekends?

Websites have been around for roughly thirty years and have seen significant evolution through the years. While much has changed, some website patterns really have not. For example, the majority of websites see their traffic drop during most weekend periods. If you are a business owner fretting about less traffic every weekend, understand that it is not just happening to your website. Here are the main reasons most websites see traffic go down on the weekends and why you should not worry too much about it.

People Tend To Keep Themselves Busy

On average, the majority of people have more time to themselves on the weekdays compared to the weekends. Good weekday traffic numbers should come as no surprise since weekdays usually provide many opportunities to surf the web. Website traffic dropping on weekends can be tied to people engaging in more social activities once the weekend rolls around. On top of that, those with families tend to like spending more time with them on the weekend.

People Tend To Change Their Routines

People who mostly sit at a desk Monday to Friday and get work done on an electronic device probably aren’t going to want to spend much time doing that exact same thing on the weekends. It is fair to expect people to change up their routines for the weekends since they have more free time. Less people are working on the weekends and that will shorten the pool of people who might typically browse your website.

Your Website Is Outdated

While the first two reasons focused on aspects out of website owners control, this is an aspect website owners can address. While it is mostly safe to assume website traffic drops on the weekend due to either of the first 2 reasons, there is a possibility your weekend traffic is down due to the website being unappealing. Always try your best to change up content, add new photos and show users your website is worth visiting.

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