Why does my website have a high bounce rate?

Does your website have a high bounce rate and you need help figuring out why? We’ve outlined some potential reasons you could be seeing this activity and ways to combat it.

What is a bounce rate?

A bounce in terms of web analytics is when someone visits your site and leaves after only visiting one page. Having a high bounce rate means a lot of things but mainly means a decent amount of your website traffic is only looking at one page instead of browsing and clicking other pages. A good bounce rate depends on what your company is looking to accomplish with its website but the general rule of thumb is between 30%-55% is a good range to be in. 

Reasons you might have a high bounce rate


  • Slow loading pages 

Site speed has always been a part of search engine ranking algorithms. If your website takes forever to load a page that will certainly affect your bounce rate and your overall web traffic. Search engines understand that a slow site can lead to a bad user experience and that they want to promote content that gives users a good experience. Consumers want information quickly, which is one of the reasons search engines have worked so hard on featured snippets. If it takes more than a few seconds for your page to load, your viewers will feel frustrated and leave. For most SEO and marketing professionals, improving site speed is a constant task. The good news is that you should experience a gradual increase in speed with each incremental improvement.

  • Misleading page title/meta description

Are the page title and meta description an accurate summary of your website’s content? If not, people can come to your website believing it to be about one thing only to discover it isn’t, leading them to bounce after only viewing one page. Fix your page’s content and modify the page title and meta description as necessary or rewrite the page’s content to better fit. 

  • Broken page

If your bounce rate is exceptionally high (over 65%) if visitors are leaving the page after only a few seconds, your page is either broken, returning a 404 error, or otherwise not loading properly. Having a site that doesn’t work properly is a great way to ruin your site’s reputation and lose visitors.

  • Low-quality content 

Visitors may be bouncing from your website because your content is just plain bad. Having bad or uninteresting content that doesn’t align with your business or customer base will lead to a high bounce rate and low viewership on your site. If this is the case you may have to rethink your content strategy or potentially outsource your content development. 

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