Why Does My E-Commerce Website Need SEO?

From a small startup company to a Fortune 500 firm, Search Engine Optimization is crucial to help maximize the profitability of E-Commerce website’s.  It only makes sense if you’re buying and selling products online, that your website should be optimized to the fullest.

SEO allows customers to find you: Having an e-commerce website without SEO is just throwing money out the window. If you don’t believe me, simply log into your Google Analytics and you will most likely see that Organic Search is one of your top sources of traffic. The way people research products and look for them has changed over the years. Nearly 89 % of consumers actually use the help of search engines to make their decisions.

In conjunction, ignoring SEO simply means you are at risk of not being seen by customers. Not being found results in fewer people knowing about you, less sales, and slower growth. At the same time, your competitors are investing in SEO and they are growing stronger.

Grow Your Bottom Line: When in competitive industries, paying for pay-per-click ads can often be very expensive. While they can be successful, with an effective SEO campaign, you are less dependent on the traffic. Organic traffic is free, meaning no cost per click, no cost per conversion or no cost per impression. This is why SEO has been such a popular service. You can drive huge amounts of leads and potential customers to your website by not paying for it directly.

There are really two main benefits with incorporating SEO with other marketing campaigns. It helps boost the effectiveness of your other activities, while also helping your organic results. This simply saves you time and money. You’ll achieve much more by spending much less for each cost per conversion.

SEO is an investment, the effects are long term: Unlike much of the advertising in the world, SEO delivers results that are measurable, cost-effective and importantly, long-lasting. With paid advertising, the second you stop paying the bill, the traffic just stops. Another unique part of SEO is that, you don’t start with a clean slate every year. SEO builds off the work you have done last year and keeps on growing. Layering and working upon the work you have done will push you forward until you dominate your market.

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