Why Does Mobile Rankings Matter?

If you really think about it, more than half of the searches you do in a day come from your mobile device. Currently, Google’s mobile search contribute to more than half of their searches, and being listed in Google’s mobile search results will increase your website’s traffic.  This does not mean that being found on a desktop devices’ search does not matter, it simply means that it is time to include mobile ranking factors into your website’s optimization.  If you own an E-commerce site then this is should be already done, if not should be on the top of your list of things to do.

One of the biggest reasons why it is important to optimize for mobile rankings is that the screen is smaller, therefore less room to compete in.  Mobile Search engine result pages can look different than on a typical desktop because of the size of the screen as well as the amount of your meta description test will show. With less space to work with, it makes your keywords and your page title even more important because it will take up more of your screen and may even get cut off.

The first step to ensuring your website receives a higher ranking through the mobile search is by making sure that your website can be seen on a mobile device. The question that you often hear people ask “Does your website have a responsive design?” A website that has a responsive design allows the display of your website to expand or contract according to the size screen of your device. If your site was built using WordPress, you could use a template that will allow your website to be responsive.  Another factor to consider is the speed of your mobile website because people on their mobile phones are using a fast 4G lite network and they expect a site to load up faster. If your site has a lot of larger photos, you may need to consider taking them down or condensing them for the mobile site.


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