Why Does Google Want Me to Upgrade to HTTPS?

Installing an SSL certificate to switch your website to HTTPS has been heavily suggested for months now, especially if you want to remain on top of the SEO ball. Not only is having a site with an SSL certificate considered a ranking factor, but it’ll also add more security to your site and make visitors feel safe while they peruse your offerings. Besides, if you elect not to install an SSL certificate, there will be a nice message next to your URL that reads, “not secure”. Nothing can make a company or brand look less favorable online than having a message warning users that the information they input on your site may not be safe. So, Google has been adamant about switching to HTTPS especially if you frequently use Chrome. Here are few reasons why Google is adamantly pushing SSL certificates…

HTTPS Protects Your Site

First and foremost, installing an SSL makes the experience on your site safer for everyone. Having a secure connection keeps unfavorable parties from tampering with your web presence. Keeping undesirables from plugging pesky ads onto your site, or maliciously attacking it, makes for a greater overall online experience, while also having the peace of mind that you’re the one in control of your own website.

Browser Service Workers

If you’re not familiar with browser service workers, here’s a refresher: they’re scripts that run in the background in order to accomplish tasks such as background syncs and push notifications. They are particularly effective in fulfilling duties such as submitting a response or sending a message without needing a connection to push the task through. Your specific task will be held in the cache while it’s accomplished, which allows you to continue on with whatever else you need to do on the web. Having the added security of an SSL certificate allows browser service workers to make users’ time on the web more safe and convenient.

HTTPS Doesn’t Revolve Around Google

It can be easy to associate the push for HTTPS only with Google, but it’s a switch that impacts the entire online community. Practically every legitimate web programmer is invested in having a safe Internet, so every major publisher should already be on the HTTPS train because it benefits everyone. Even if your site isn’t e-commerce and users aren’t entering private information to purchase items, you can still gain an online edge by installing an SSL certificate. HTTPS is for the betterment of the entire web, not just Google’s search engine.
The push for HTTPS isn’t going anywhere, nor is it slowing down. It’s an easy, logical next step for overall web security and one that everyone should be taking part in. Don’t let the naysayers convince you otherwise. Keep your website, users, and overall rankings safe by installing an SSL certificate!

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