Why Do Website Impressions Matter?

Impressions can generally be a commonly overlooked metric when it comes to the success of a website or business. With conversion and click-through rates being the primary focus in the eyes of most. Whilst impressions may not confirm a sale or even a click on your website, they do have many other redeeming qualities that make them essential.

What is a Website Impression?

An impression for a website tracks the number of times a user has seen a link to your website through a search engine. Unlike reach which tracks each user once, an impression can count as one user who has seen your link numerous times. Since impressions count as overall link views regardless of the user, their number tends to be much higher than other analytical metrics. The good news is if a user is constantly looking at your website link then that means you have something they want and that is relevant to them, in theory you should eventually get a click if this is the case.

Do Impressions Help My SEO?

Impressions can help strengthen website SEO in numerous ways. Such as your search relevancy amongst search engine users. If you’re showing up to more people on the search page then that means your website is doing its job and targeting the correct people. Once you begin targeting the exact kinds of users you’re looking for then you are able to better understand your audience, keywords to use, and demographics. The more information you can gain on the types of users that your website attracts the more efficient you will become at interesting users to click on your site for the information they are looking for, rather than scrolling past it and gaining another impression.

Can Impressions Help My Business?

Impressions can increase overall brand awareness by allowing users to see your business name in numerous searches or social media. It is said that it takes a user five to seven impressions to start remembering the brand. This is why it is very important to keep your company information as consistent as possible throughout all used websites. Once your brand begins to become recognizable to the users they will begin to develop more trust for the website and your business. It can be difficult to keep track of so much information across multiple websites and social media, that is why Boston Web Marketing is here to help make sure your impressions matter. You might not know where to start with the information you gain from impressions, that is why we have a respectable team of digital marketers and SEO specialists to make your impressions turn into clicks.

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