Why do so many ‘top-listed’ pages have no content?

Have you been killing yourself over creating the best content possible for your website and then search for your competitor on Google and realize – wait – they have no content on their page and they are ranked higher than you?!

Relax. Content means different things on different websites. If you are the owner of an outdoor equipment selling company, the majority of your content might just be of product information. For example, sites from well-known product brands will probably have no visible content on their pages, but still rank highly for general keywords. This is most likely due to their strong brand, which will bring in tons of natural links to the site.

For those whose websites are not big-named brands, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Every site is unique and you, as the creator and owner, have to decide what the best overall strategy is for YOUR site. There’s no sense in damaging your message for search engine rankings, because in the end, you’ll be less trustworthy to your visitors and potential customers into buying your products.

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