Why Do Service Pages Matter?

If you own a company that sells services to customers, you most likely have a website dedicated to your business. Your website should include what is known as service pages to help customers understand what it is that your business does. In this article, we will be discussing service pages and their crucial importance for certain businesses’ website growth.

Do I Need to Be Specific About My Services?

When creating a service page you want to have a large amount of content with details and descriptions. The more details you add about the services you provide the better these pages will perform for your business. A helpful tip is to put your mind in the heads of your customers and think about what they would search for. This will help you when writing titles or deciding which services you offer are most important for you to focus on. Lastly, don’t be afraid to make numerous service pages if you offer multiple types of services. More service pages will help you generate more traffic from other pages and allow you to cast a wider net to your target audience. 

Do I Rank Higher in Search Results?

To have your service pages rank well there are numerous factors to take into consideration. First, the most important is content. You want to have a generous amount of content on your service pages to show search engines the exact services you offer. If you also implement keywords into this content then your pages will perform even better. However, be careful with your keywords and make sure they flow with the rest of your written content rather than just randomly throwing them in. Another important tip is to add meta descriptions to your page to help elevate its search results. Meta descriptions are a great way to directly tell the search engine what services you offer the most to your clients. 

Will I Get More Conversions?

When it comes to conversions it can never be guaranteed. However, there are steps to help increase its likelihood. For example, making your service pages mobile-friendly and adding a call to action can go a long way. The easier your website is to navigate the more likely someone is to call you or fill out a form. Overall by making easily accessible and informative service pages, it will increase the chance of a conversion. If you still feel unsure how to go about service pages then fear not. Boston Web Marketing’s experienced team of SEO specialists can create amazing service pages to help boost your business! Contact us to get started, your business will thank you later!

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