Why Do People Watch Videos On Social Media?

Social media keeps changing, and video is leading the way. In recent years, video has been the most popular type of content on social media, beating images, polls, giveaways, links, and coupons. However, many small businesses don’t realize how valuable video can be for their social media marketing. If your team is in that boat, you might be missing out on big benefits or falling behind your competitors. Read this blog about the main reasons people end up watching videos posted on social media.

Brand Awareness

Video content lets your audience learn about your brand, showcasing new products and fostering connections. Behind-the-scenes or “Our Story” videos are effective. Unlike text or images, videos spread brand awareness uniquely. Your audience seeks content that reveals your identity and values. Experimenting with different video styles highlights what makes your brand stand out.

Credibility With Your Audience

Video doesn’t just persuade people to buy from you; it also helps you form strong bonds with your audience by appealing to their emotions. Sharing useful and enjoyable content that really connects with your audience makes your company or brand seem more reliable and believable. When someone who’s interested in what you do becomes one of your followers, they’re likely to buy your products, and many will also spread the word about you. Establishing your business as a trusted source of information gets people interested in what you’re about, and video content is a great way to build a dedicated, involved audience.


Educational videos on social media are important for sharing knowledge in an engaging format. They break down complex topics, making learning and viewing more accessible. By demonstrating processes visually, they can enhance understanding. Viewers can watch at their convenience, fostering flexible learning. Shareable across platforms, these videos extend their reach, help build brands as authorities in their fields, and foster communities of like-minded learners. With measurable impacts, educational videos offer valuable insights for content creators to help their online presence and strategies.

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