Why Do My Product Pages Need Unique Descriptions?

As a business owner running an online store, you have a litany of details to monitor and take care of including product photography, pricing structures, online advertising and bundle deals. After initially launching new products, you may think it’s ok to set and forget their pages and listing in order to focus on other priorities for your business. However, you’d be missing a critical step in getting your page to rank and your ads to drive conversions: writing unique, optimized descriptions for each product. Unique descriptions can help boost your rankings above your competitors and attract your desired customer base to your website. Some of the reasons why you should take the time to write product descriptions include:

Raising your search engine rankings

Unless you are selling a product that is entirely unique, you’re going to have competition from companies selling the same exact items with different types of perks or features, including free or discounted shipping or even a lower selling price. Your product description is critical to making sure your website and product pages are higher on the page than other sites. Duplicate or heavily copied content, even from the manufacturer, can hurt your website in terms of rankings and prevent it from reaching the first page. Unique content can make sure you include your main keywords and essential information, helping you climb up the page.

Increasing your organic ranking and clickthrough rate

The higher you are on the first page, the more likely organic users are to click on your website. In addition to optimizing your page for ranking, a unique product description can help your user experience by giving the reader what they are looking for: a description of your product, how it works, and how it would benefit them. Higher rankings also has a greater possibility of increasing clickthrough rate to your website directly from the search results. Your metadata takes up a total of 220 characters that can be viewed directly within search results.

Reduce the cost of your paid ads with effective landing pages

With better descriptions comes more opportunity to create effective, engaging ads. Paid ads appear at the top of search results, often above even organic results. Using original copy for your ads instead of stock or manufacturer copy can help make your ads more engaging and include more information relevant to the user, including pricing and what the product itself does. A higher quality score will give you more power to win auctions and appear in results. You’ll need landing pages detailing your products for your paid advertising, and unique content can help describe the product to the customer in a way that drives them to convert.

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